In this article I have collated a few training links about ASP.NET MVC. I will keep adding to this page as I find other useful free resources. If you have any videos or articles that you feel would be useful here then please let me know in the comments and I will add them to the post. I would like it to be an archive of good material.

Training : Microsoft ASP.NET MVC
Training : Microsoft ASP.NET MVC

What’s New In MVC 4

What’s New in ASP.NET MVC 4

ASP.NET MVC 4 Release Notes

What’s New in Asp.Net MVC 4?

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Web Forms Again

ASP.NET MVC Tutorials

Intro to ASP.NET MVC 4

Building an ASP.NET MVC4 Application with EF and WebAPI

MVC 4 Beginners

Basic MVC 3 and 4 Video Tutorial

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Part 1/3: What is MVC and why should you use it?

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Part 2/3: Creating a Hello World Site in MVC 4

Introduction to ASP.NET Part 3/3: Making a form in MVC 4

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

MVC 4 Training Series

W3Schools : MVC Tutorial

ASP.NET MVC Razor Syntax

Introduction to ASP.NET Web Programming Using the Razor Syntax

ASP.NET Web Pages – Adding Razor Code

W3Schools : Razor Tutorial

Using ASP.NET Razor syntax with HTML5 and JQuery

ASP.Net MVC 4 Razor Engine For Beginners Part 1

MVC 4 Razor View Engine Syntax


Caching infrastructure in MVC4 with C#: caching controller actions

Improving Performance with Output Caching

ASP.Net MVC4 – Caching

Output Caching in ASP.NET MVC

Understanding Caching in Asp.Net MVC with example

Unit Testing ASP.NET MVC Applications

Unit Testing in ASP.NET MVC Applications

This is how ASP.NET MVC controller actions should be unit tested

Building Testable ASP.NET MVC Applications

Creating Unit Tests for ASP.NET MVC Applications

Unit Testing an ASP.NET MVC 4 Controller using MS Test, Rhino Mocks, AutoMapper and Dependency Injection

Testing Routes In ASP.NET MVC

MVC Route/URL Generation Unit Tester

Integration Testing Your ASP.NET MVC Application

Unit testing MVC routes

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