In this article I have collated a few training links about Java Script and JQuery. I will keep adding to this page as I find other useful free resources. If you have any videos or articles that you feel would be useful here then please let me know in the comments and I will add them to the post. I would like it to be an archive of good material.

JavaScript and JQuery
JavaScript and JQuery


JavaScript Tutorial at W3Schools

JavaScript Tutorial at

JavaScript Tutorial at CodeCademy

Eloquent JavaScript : A Modern Introduction to Programming

JavaScript Tutorial at Tutorials Point

JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer

JavaScript Kit Advanced JavaScript Tutorials


JQuery Tutorial at W3Schools

JQuery Learning Center

Try JQuery by Code School

How jQuery Works | jQuery Learning Center

JQuery Tutorial at Tutorials Point

JQuery Tutorial at Codecademy

The Complete JQuery Tutorial

JQuery for Absolute Beginners

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