I was looking for something in my garage the other day, and I came across an old magazine from 1994 that I was interviewed in, 20 years ago! The magazine was Amiga Power. This is a computer magazine by Future Publishing for the now defunct Amiga 500/1200 Personal Computer.

Amiga Power Magazine
Amiga Power Magazine

I started my programming career developing computer games with my school friend Chris Rundell. After lots of trying, we eventually got signed to a small independent publisher called GKS Design. Our first game was an isometric shoot-em-up / adventure called Dark Mission, that was heavily influenced by the film Aliens. I did all the coding and Chris did all the artwork, animation etc.

The games was developed in an advanced version of BASIC called AMOS Professional. Looking back, this was indeed a very nice language to work with. It was a compiled language, that at the time had pretty good performance considering how high level it was. You could do a hell of a lot with AMOS and it was a very nice language to work with.

Dark Mission Interview with Stephen Haunts in Amiga Power (1994)
Dark Mission Interview with Stephen Haunts in Amiga Power (1994)

Sadly, the Amiga 1200 computer no longer exists, which is real shame as it was an excellent machine. I look back fondly on those early programming days. This helped kick start a successful career in computer games, which then led on to me working in even more diverse industries. My experience in games development has certainly been beneficial as it has allowed me to bring a different perspective into enterprise software development that a lot of developers I work with don’t have. Chris still works in the games industry as an artist and animator and has worked on some real big AAA hits like Devil May Cry at Ninja Theory, so we both did well out of this earlier experience.

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  1. WOW, I see you in a different light all of a sudden,,,,, I use WINUae now and have mates over now and again to play Mortal Kombat or IK+ using a PS3 controller.

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