I am really pleased to announce that I have recently completed the Pluralsight Audition process and have been accepted as a new training author. I will be working with an editor at Pluralsight over the next week or two to agree what my first course will be.

Pluralsight : Hardcore Developer Training
Pluralsight : Hardcore Developer Training

I am quite excited about this, as through this blog, I have been trying to help people both from a technical and career progression / self development standpoint. Also, the creative process of constructing a course is quite fun. I will blog about the process once I have completed my first course.

Part of the audition process required me to produce a 10 minute course using a decent condenser microphone (Samson C01U) and using Camtasia Studio for capturing and editing all the footage. My background in music composition and sound design, meant that the editing process was already quite familiar for me.

I look forward to getting stuck into producing the first course, and hopefully it will be done within the next couple of months.


  1. Congratulations. I look forward to your first course. However you need to proof read the first sentence of this blog.

    1. Yes it is very possible to earn 40k and over. The more good quality courses you produce the better you will earn. It’s not easy money though. It takes a lot of work / time to produce each course once you pass the audition.


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