I have released a new version of the Smoke Tester framework. This adds numerous new features such as :

  • Cut and Paste in the test editor.
  • Test editor is multi threaded, so that tests don’t block the UI thread.
  • Enable/Disable flag for tests.
  • New versions of the File Exsts and Assembly Version tests that except files lists.
Smoke Test Config Editor
Smoke Test Config Editor

Smoke Tester is a testing framework that allows you to easily put together tests to be executed after you deploy your software to a test environment, or production. This is also known as post deployment verification testing.

The tool is used to test that a system has deployed correctly and that any dependencies are available,, such as network IP addresses, ports, database connections You can also check that config files have had their correct environment specific data set after the deployment.

This tool is a great way to get instant feedback on the results of a deployment, and is also a tool that first line support can use after an incident has been raised. They can go onto the suspect server / client machine and re-run the smoke tests to check that any of the dependencies are still available to the application. If a test fails, this gives them an avenue to investigate first.

This tool has been used by various large companies including Dollar Financial / The Money Shop, Experian UK, and Boots / Alliance Healthcare.

The full release notes are :

  • Tests now run in a separate thread in the test runner, so that the UI thread is not blocked.
  • Fixed bug were if you click the remove all tests button you were not prompted first.
  • Console app test runner now return a correct exit code. 0 for success and 1 for failure.
  • Add an Enabled flag to the test base class.
  • Wire in the enabled flag to the test runner in the UI and Command Line App.
  • Fixed bug where the save button on the TestEditor would always ask for a filename when it should just overwrite the existing file.
  • Added an XmlDocumentTest which allows you to do an XPath query over an XML Document.
  • Fixed bug in XMLElementTest where if attributes were not the same in a list of elements then an exception would be thrown. This is now handled.
  • Add tool to the User Interface to allow you to generate a list of files to be used in a FileListExistsTest.
  • Added a new test that allows you to check for the existence of a list of files.
  • Added a new test that allows you to check the assemblies file numbers for a list of assemblies.
  • Added Copy & Paste feature; copy and paste test within and across TestEditor windows.
  • Minor layout adjustment on About dialog
  • Added a new HTML report type.


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