Pluralsight have released a series of FREE courses aimed at teaching Kids to program computers. It is great that Pluralsight have offered these courses without the need for a Pluralsight subscription.

Teaching Kids to Program Computers
Teaching Kids to Program Computers

The current courses on offer are :

Teaching Kids to Program

Learning to Program with Scratch

Learning to Build Apps with App Inventor

Learn to Program: Kodu Kingdom Defense

Being a parent myself I think that Pluralsight offering these courses is great. My daughter is 5 and starting to get curious about technology, my 2 year old son will most likely be the same as he gets older. She can already command an IPad better than I would expect.

In the UK, the school syllabus is changing to incorporate programming into the curriculum and programming with Scratch is one of the tools that is going to be used, so this course already fits into the UK education system. In fact it would be a very good course for the teachers as-well, as I know a few teacher who are struggling with it a bit.

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