My new course, Agile Fundamentals is now live with Pluralsight. The course description is as follows :

In Agile Fundamentals, we explore how working on an Agile project has benefits for your development team, your end users, and your organization as a whole. This course starts by exploring the more traditional waterfall process, and then covers why running an Agile team is a good idea. This course is ideal for software developers, project managers, software leadership, or anyone that would have an interest and gain benefit from running an Agile project and delivering maximum value early to your customers.

The course is split into the following modules :

1. Introduction

2. Waterfall Development and It’s Problems

3. What is Agile all About?

4. Common Agile Misconception

5. The Advantages and Disadvantagesof Agile

6. Extreme Programming

7. Scrum

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