I am pleased to announce that I am now the Co-Organiser of the Derbyshire DotNet usergroup here in Derby, United Kingdom. The usergroup was set-up by Barry Mills and I have joined forces with Barry to assist in the running of the User Group.

This is the user groups first year in existence, and I even did a talk back in March on Cryptography in .NET.

Derbyshire DotNet User Group
Derbyshire DotNet User Group

The official description for the group is :

Derbyshire Dot Net is a monthly .Net User Group meeting for those who are passionate about .Net Development in the Derbyshire area.

It was born out of a frustration that there were no groups in Derbyshire that were formally supported by Microsoft or INETA. Derbyshire Dot Net exists to help facilitate education and knowledge exchange among developers, architects and managers with an interest in Microsoft’s .NET technologies. We provide a great place for local developers to come together to learn all about .NET technologies, to network with their peers and to foster a sense of community among developers learning and using the same technologies.

Our vision is to share knowledge with the technical community of Derbyshire and to encourage developers to grow their careers and step out of their comfort zone to give talks and presentations of their own.

My first task has been setting up a new website / blog for the usergroup which I have done and can be found at www.derbyshiredotnet.co.uk. We want to turn this into a proper community website as opposed to just being a notice board.

The user group holds its meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month and our venue has kindly been donated by Xpertise Recruitment in Derby.

So, if you are around the area, then please do come along and join one of our sessions. Also, if you want to speak at our usergroup, then please get in touch.

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