It has been over 3 months since I last blogged about my new job at the start-up Buying Butler, but I have deliberately waiting until I have spent more time here. So much has happened in this short space of time and it is all very exciting. As a team we are expanding quite rapidly after a round of investment to build out our 2 main products, Buying Butler and RightIndem.

Buying Butlers new office above Belgos in Nottingham
Buying Butlers new office above Belgos in Nottingham

I will write in more detail in another blog post about what these products are, but at a high level BuyingButler is a concierge buying site, primarily focused on cars, that lets you make that complex purchase with the help of an expert. This system uses some clever AI to help make car recommendations and walks the buyer through the entire buying and tendering process with different dealers.

Our 2nd product, RightIndem, is an insurance claims management system that is initially targeting towards cars but we have plans for other industries too. This system makes the entire claims management process very transparent for both the insurance company and the claimant. This system is generating a lot of interest in the insurance and insurtech field and we are currently running pilots with some major names. There is a synergy between these 2 products but I will cover that in a separate post.

My desk at Buying Butler
My desk at Buying Butler

When I started in May I was the only full time developer and I have been focusing mainly on the RightIndem side of the business, but in this short space of time I have been heavily recruiting to build out our core team. At the time of writing this post I have 6 full time developers who have started or are due to start within the next few weeks and we have augmented with 3 contractors. This is quite a lot of grown in a short space of time and I can see this team getting bigger over the next 6 months.

Because of this growth we very quickly outgrew our existing office in Nottingham. With developers, design, testing, marketing and product / project management we are currently up to over 18 people so we have had to move office to central Nottingham. The new office is in a great location in the Lace Market side of town. The office is an old building that has been modernised, so we have a mix of quirky building and modern fits and finishing’s. We have been in the office for just over a month now and the place is really starting to take shape as you can see from some of the photos in this post.

Funky 3D Signage in Reception
Funky 3D Signage in Reception

In future posts in this series I want to cover lots of subjects including a more detailed looked at the products we are building, the approach we are taking to software development, our hiring process and many more.

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