I recently released my latest (7th) course over at Pluralsight called RabbitMQ by Example. This course shows you how to make full use of RabbitMQ in your .NET applications. RabbitMQ is a very powerful messaging broker and this course takes a practical look at how to use it by showing you how to build a payments system.

RabbitMQ By Example Course by Stephen Haunts at Pluralsight
RabbitMQ By Example Course by Stephen Haunts at Pluralsight

Here is the official course description :

In this course, RabbitMQ by Example, you will see how to use RabbitMQ by using practical examples featuring a fictional company and a software development scenario based around taking card payments and purchase order payments. You’ll start with an introduction to RabbitMQ and how it compares to Windows’ default queue technology, MSMQ. As well as looking at RabbitMQ specifically, you will look at message queuing architectures, micro services, and how RabbitMQ can work as a broker for handling asynchronous and synchronous messages in this architecture. You will also get to explore the use of the topics exchange for routing and synchronous remote procedure calls. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to use RabbitMQ in your .NET applications.

The course is split into 8 modules

  1. Introduction
  2. Introducing RabbitMQ
  3. Introducing RabbitMQ Exchanges
  4. Understanding Queuing Architecture
  5. Implementing Microservices and Message Queueing
  6. Installing and Configuring RabbitMQ
  7. Implementing Queueing Code
  8. Course Summary

The example application built in this course is based around the concept of Microservices, so this is a great use case for modern enterprise application development. The feedback from the course so far has been excellent as it has been getting very good ratings, so I am glad that it is helping people.


  1. Hi Steve,

    I really enjoyed your RabbitMQ course in Pluralsight. Unfortunately looks like the link to your dropbox demo project is no longer there. If it is possible, could you help point me to the project source code.



    1. Hi

      I am glad you liked my course.

      All of the source code for the couse is avaialble​ from Pluralsight. Goto the Exercise Files tab on the course page and download the content. This will give you the source code and slides.



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