Working at a start-up can be challenging and is certainly a lot of work. The people we employ might be required to take on many different roles and tasks if we don’t have all the people we need, so it is important to try and create a nice working environment to work in. We want people to enjoy coming into work and we do this by providing challenging problems to work on with modern technology.

We also want to create a nice office environment and a culture to fill it.  Something we have started doing is a monthly event called Thirsty Thursday. This is where on a Thursday we stop work  a little earlier and go out for some drinks and food. These sorts of events are important as they allow us to blow off a little steam and socialize. With moving to an office in the centre of Nottingham we are really spoilt for choice for bars, pubs and restaurants.

Thirsty Thursday Team Drinks
Thirsty Thursday Team Drinks

Another monthly event we are starting up soon is Massage Mondays where we have a professional masseuse come into the office to offer massages to anyone that wants one. As well as these events we are also making the office a fun environment. We are part way for making a recreation room that has a pool table, darts board, arcade machine and a small kitchen area with a nice coffee machine. We are calling this area the park as we are getting the carpet removed and Astroturf put down instead. This created a nice area where people can go for a break to get away from the screen for a bit.

As well as good recreational facilities we are putting some effort into the decoration of the main work area and meeting rooms. We have lots of inspirational quotes from famous people on the walls and lots of white boards for people to collaborate. The meeting rooms are themed around cars. The small meeting room we call the Mini Room. This is painted in Mini racing colours and has a big decal on the wall of a classing mini car. This room also has no chairs in it, but instead there are 4 large bean bags.  They are very comfortable and I normally tend to do my phone interviews from there.

The larger meeting room is themed around Jaguar cars and even has an old dashboard and wheel in the room. Not quite sure how we are going to fit those to the wall!!

Buying Butler - Typical Developer Kit
Buying Butler – Typical Developer Kit

The office is starting to look very nice, but all this is meaningless if our staff don’t have the right tools to do the job. We try to provide people with great kit to work with. Every developer gets a high spec laptop. Our current build is a Lenovo Yoga 900 convertible laptop with 16gb Ram and a fast I7 processor. Designers and people who will be involved in mobile development are working on Apple Macbook Pro laptops. Each developer also gets 2 large 27in widescreen CAD monitors to work from. These are mounted to the desk with sturdy arms. Having very good monitors makes a lot of difference when you spend a lot of your day staring at them. I really don’t get why a lot of companies skimp on these essential items for developers.

To help developers stay on top of the latest technology we also provide all developers with a full Pluralsight license. This isn’t just because I am an author with Pluralsight, this is because they offer the best training platform in the industry. The best way to describe it is like Netflix for training. We have already made some technology choices for our tech stack based off of content we watched on Pluralsight.

To summarise this blog post, I really wanted to highlight the environment we have created, the events we offer and the tools and training that are available to our people. All this plus very interesting projects means our staff enjoy coming to work. We don’t want it to feel like a job, a standard 9 to 5. We want Buying Butler to be a place people enjoy coming to work with like minded people on products that solve real problems for real people.


  1. Love your work! If ever you’re after more ideas, check out my Pluralsight course (Boost Productivity Through Employee Happiness) – not just a plug, I promise!! – and there’s just been a book released by Jurgen Appelo called Managing For Happiness that you might find interesting.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I have watched your course previously, but I will add it to my playlist again. That book also looks interesting.

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