Life at a Start-up : We are Hiring

The rate of growth we are experiencing at Buying Butler has been staggering. When I started in May we were 4 people sitting in a small room. Now we are almost 30 people in a nice office in the centre of Nottingham. Because of the amount of work coming through and the next round of investment landing we at the next phase of our growth, which is really great.

I really pride myself on the fact we run an excellent and motivated development team working on challenging yet exciting projects that solve real world problems. In the short time that we have all been working here we have been working on 2 exciting projects, Buying Butler and RightIndem.

We are hiring at Buying Butler / RightIndem
We are hiring at Buying Butler / RightIndem

For RightIndem, we have launched several successful pilots of our platform with various huge insurance companies for Motor Insurance and Marine / Cargo Insurance. We are now looking to roll out more pilots with more huge companies against different industries and different geographies.

For Buying Butler we are very near the launch of version 2 of our vehicle concierge buying platform. Both products are looking great and we have so much work that we want to do. To support this, we need to grow the size of our team.

Microsofts Future Decoded Conference

I am trying to catch up on some posts I meant to write the other week, but I didn’t get time to complete them. The week before I went to Web Summit in Lisbon I attended another conference in London called Future Decoded. Future Decoded is a free event that is run by Microsoft and it takes place over 2 days. The 1st day is the Business Day, and the 2nd day is aimed at more of a technical audience. The theme for the Business day was Digital Transformation, and this was about businesses, mainly large and well established enterprises, using Microsoft technologies to transform their business to being more digital.

There were many interesting keynote talks about companies that had made the shift and there were also some interesting sessions about security which had someone from the security services talking about cyber security and also the Chancellor of the exchequer, Phil Hammond, announcing the UK’s new Cyber security strategy.  This was quite interesting, and as you can imagine there was a fair amount of press interest at this session as it was an official government announcement.

Microsoft Future Decoded
Microsoft Future Decoded

In the afternoon I attended several talks, in particularly about Blockchain so I could understand a little more about the technology.  It certainly looks interesting as it is the underlying distributed ledger database behind the bitcoin currency, but it, in my mind, has limited uses. A lot of companies say they want blockchain until they learn about the distributed nature and openness of the data, and then realise what they actually want is just a database. Again it is an interesting set of tools, and like all tools they have their uses, but they are not a one stop solution.

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