2016 : A Year in Review for Stephen Haunts
2016 : A Year in Review for Stephen Haunts

I’m a few days late posting this due to festivities and taking some time out to spend with family and friends, but I just wanted to put up a short review post about the past 12 months. Mainly for my benefit as it is good to write about positive things that have happened.

Is being a manager right for me by Stephen Haunts at Techorama
Is being a manager right for me by Stephen Haunts at Techorama

Normally I would write about all the cool Pluralsight courses I have released, and I have released 2 this year (Lean Fundamentals and RabbitMQ by Example) which are doing vey well, but that is not the best thing that has happened this year. First of all I started speaking at large conferences. This was a big deal for me as I originally started talking at user groups last year to get over a fear of public speaking, so getting accepted at major conferences was fantastic. Last year I spoke at the following events, NDC London, Techorama in Belgium, and NDC Oslo. It felt like a personal triumph to speak at these world class conferences, especially as my talks all received good ratings from the attendees.

Thirsty Thursday Team Drinks
Thirsty Thursday Team Drinks

Also in 2016 I changed jobs to work at a start-ups (well 2 linked companies) called Buying Butler and RightIndem. I started there as their Head of Development, which means I run both of the teams producing our main products. My circumstances starting at Buying Butler are quite unique though. I have known the founders for nearly 3 years and the plan was that I would always go and work there, but with start-ups being what they are it takes time to get funding. But the funding came and things really took off and I started working there in May. We went from 5 people working in a small office to 30 people in a larger modern office in the centre of Nottingham by Christmas. We are also now about to enter a new growth phase by recruiting more staff. Very exciting times ahead.

In 2017 I am planning on more of the same. I am speaking at NDC London in January (OMG 2 weeks away, I best do more rehearsing), SDD Conf and hopefully more conferences around the world. Buying Butler is going from strength to strength and I am genuinely excited to see what we can achieve this year. I will of course be working on more Pluralsight content. I have a course in production at the moment and I am also recording a Play by Play live course with colleague and friend Lars Klint at NDC London.

Here’s to another action packed and fun year 🙂

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