After lots of planning, preparing and recording I am pleased to announce the launch of my new podcast, along with my co-host Kevin Taylor, called the Side Hustle Success Podcast.

The Side Hustle Success Podcast by Stephen Haunts and Kevin Taylor

This podcast is aimed at anyone who has had an idea for a product that they have been working on part-time while working for someone else and has dreams and ambitions to make it their full-time job. The show is about product designs, innovations, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, digital nomads and anything in between.

I strongly feel that me and my co-host Kevin complement each other well on the show because we have different skill sets and run different kinds of businesses. I am from a software development and security background who now produces training courses and books. Kevin, on the other hand, is not a software developer, but he runs a small Software as a Service company called Steel Beam Calculator that is aimed at the construction industry.

In this first pilot episode, Me and Kevin will introduce ourselves and discuss our businesses and how we got started. I am sure you will find lots of interesting information here. We have designed the Side Hustle Success Podcast to be a segment show, split into the following segments:

  • Host update and follow up
  • Audience questions
  • Main topic or interview
  • Host picks for the week

This show is available in all the usual places that you can get podcasts including iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn Radio. I have also put a version onto YouTube if you prefer to listen to the show from there. At the moment we are going to release the show every two weeks. If it takes off, then we may move to weekly, but for now, every two weeks feels right.

We have big plans for the show, including some fantastic interviews with some inspiring people who have struck out to create their businesses.

I hope you will join us on this journey and tune in to listen. If you listen on iTunes, we would be very grateful if you could rate us and also leave any constructive comments. If you listen on YouTube, then please subscribe to my channel and enable notifications with the bell icon so you will be notified when new shows appear.


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