Side Hustle Success Podcast Episode 3 : Is the 4-Hour Workweek Realistic?

In this episode, Stephen and Kevin talk about how feasible the 4-hour workweek is them.

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Steves Recommendation: Noizio nature sounds app for Mac. Noisli for IOs, but also has web version (

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Flexispot E2B Sit / Stand Desk and Getting Healthier

Since I have been working for myself I have been trying to make sure I get more exercise by walking more. The problem though is that I then go to an office and sit down for 8 hours which is not good for you. To remedy this I decided to invest in an electric sit-stand desk so that I can make sure I stay more active during the day.

In this video, I talk about my new desk and the reasons for getting it.

If you are interested in the desk I got, then the details are here.

Flexispot E2B Sit / Standing Desk Frame

Flexispot Standing Desk Top

Flexispot Anti Fatigue Mat