I have recently pushed out a small update to my Profanity Detector C# / .NET Library. There are no functionality changes, but I renamed some of the functionality in the library. A central feature was the ability to add words to a ‘white-list’ if you want them excluded from the main list of profanities. With the recent Black Lives Matters protests, there has been a push to remove any language from software that could cause any racial offence.

The term white-listing and black-listing is a common idiom used in software development, but the naming could be better, such as block-lists and allow-lists. In the profanity detector library, I have renamed the ‘white-list’ feature and associated documentation to ‘Allow Lists’. Nothing has functionally changed, but if you update to the latest NuGet package, you may need to update any class name references from WhiteList to AlowList.

I have also updated the branch in GitHub that the code lived in from ‘master’ to ‘main’ as I discussed in my tutorial on branch renaming in GitHub. Thank you to all the people who use the Profanity Detector in their systems. I hope you continue to get good use from the library.

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