This week I have been at a conference in London, where I stayed in Westminster. I have been quite productive all week with my writing. Being away for a week, and having a change of scenary is great for productivity.

For my debut novel, Diary of a Martian, I drafted two chapters, and completed an initial revision to another chapter. These chapters mark the end of the second act in the story, a nice milestone to reach.

View of the London Eye and River Thames from Westminster Bridge.
View of the London Eye and River Thames from Westminster Bridge.

I spent some time mapping chapters for the last act. I now have placeholder chapters in place that takes me to the end of the book. To get an idea of my word count, I generated 2250 words of Lorum Ipsum that I added into each of those chapters. This represents my average word count per chapter. With this in place, it predicts my final word count will be just over 80,000 words; I have some cutting to do at the end. I ideally want my finished book to be under 70,000 words, closer to 60,000 if possible. I’m not worrying about cutting words at the moment, but it gives me something to think about as I prepare to kill some darlings.

I also wrote another chapter for my writing craft non-fiction book. This is a book about my thoughts and feelings about trying to write a debut novel. I am feeling great about this book. I’m currently around 15,000 words into this manuscript. It is a handy project to have in progress. When I get stuck on plot details for Diary of a Martian, I can switch over to this book to keep me productive.

Another writing project I am commissioned to write is a non-fiction instructional book for a publisher called PacktPub. I’m not allowed to talk too much about that book yet. I am halfway through the manuscript, and I completed about 3000 words for it this week.

A productive week of writing, considering I was at a conference most of the time. I don’t have any travel plans for a while now, but it was nice to get into different surroundings and meet lots of people in real meat-space, as opposed to online with Zoom calls. The world now truly feels like it has returned to normal.

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