C# and .NET

RabbitMQ in .NET Series

The following articles discuss RabbitMQ and the AMQP messaging protocol. The series contains lots of practical code examples of using the RabbitMQ client library in c# and .NET.

RabbitMQ Series Part 1: What is RabbitMQ?

RabbitMQ Series Part 2: The AMQP Messaging Standard

RabbitMQ Series Part 3: Installing and Configuring RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ Series Part 4 : Overview of the Management Portal

RabbitMQ Series Part 5 : Basic Queueing and Messaging Example

Cryptography in .NET

The following articles discuss the use of different cryptographic primitives available in the .NET framework.

Part 1 – Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

Part 2 – RSA

Part 3 – Random Numbers and Hashes

Part 4 – Hybrid Encryption Protocols

Part 5 – Digital Signatures

Block Encrypter .NET Library for secure AES Encryption

RC4 Stream Cipher

Password Based Key Derivation Funciton Iteration Counts

General C# and .NET Articles

Update a WPF UI from Another Thread

Generate Data Type Classes from XML

Serializing POCO’s to Byte Arrays in C#

Forcing an Application to a Single Instance in C#

Using Async and Await to update the UI Thread Part 2

Using Async and Await to update the UI Thread

Simple Async Await Example for Asynchronous Programming

Password Based Key Derivation Functions in .NET

Remove the Close button from a WPF Window

Code Example : Checking Windows Service Status in C#

Code Example : Pinging a Remote Computer

Checking the Strength of a Password

Serializing POCO’s into XML

Securely Storing Passwords

Phonetic String Matching : Levenshtein Distance

Phonetic String Matching : Soundex

Getting the MAC Address for a Machine on the Network

Getting Your Machines IP Address

Is WCF Redundant?

Validating Card Numbers with the Luhn Check Algorithm

How to Calculate Annual Percentage Rates (APR)

Simple Dependency Injection

Compression in .NET

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