Coding and Processes

The following articles are general pieces on software development and process.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Agile Software Development

Common Mistakes Make by New Agile Teams

APR Calculator Code Open Sourced

Multi-Threaded Life : Fitting it all in

What are the Business Benefits of Being Agile

Machine Learning with Numl

Technical Debt Analogy

Velocity is Not a Target or Goal

Post Deployment Smoke Tester

The Smoke Tester Solution Structure and your First Test

Common Agile Misconceptions

Cross Platform Development with Mono

Fully Moved to Linux Mint

OS the Stylish Minimalist Linux Distribution

Can Linux Desktop Ever Become Mainstream?

#Develop – Open Source Alternative to Visual Studio

Remaining Private on the Internet

Privacy and Surveillance

Introduction to AES Encryption

Is it a Good Idea to Write Tests for Legacy Code?

Top 10 Tools That Have Changed the Way I Work

Visual Studio 2013 New IDE Features

Continuous Delivery and Innovation

Continuous testing with NCrunch

Using NDepend to Analyse the Quality of your Code

Validating Card Numbers with the Luhn Check Algorithm

How to Calculate Annual Percentage Rates (APR)

Softening the Blow of the Visual Studio 2012 User Interface

Check a User Exists In ActiveDirectory

All Your Mocks Are Evil

Siren of Shame Build Monitor

Book Review

The following posts are reviews of technical books that I have found very useful.

The Architecture of Open Source Applications

Everyday Cryptography

Brute Force : Cracking the Data Encryption Standard

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