The following articles are aimed at development leads and development managers, although developers will hopefully find these articles useful too. You will also find articles about career and training advice on this page.

Retaining Software Developers in Your Company

8 Leadership Traits of a Software Development Leader

Not Limiting Yourself In Your Career

Common Agile Misconceptions

Transition from Developer to Manager

Part 1 – How to Motivate and Innovate : What is motivation

Part 2 – How to Motivate and Innovate : Finding meaning in your work

Part 3 – How to Motivate and Innovate : Innovation in your team

Part 4 – How to Motivate and Innovate : Leadership Styles

Dieter Rams : 10 Principles of Good Product Design

Google’s 9 Principles of Innovation

Training for Software Developers

Training for Software Developers : KSB Matrix

Agile Software Development in 5 Minutes


In these articles my myself and guest posters, I offer tips to people who are looking to join a new company and go through an interview process.

Job Interview Preparation Tips

Four Common Job Interview Questions (And How to Answer Them)

3 Ways Applicants Botch Their Employment Chances in a Job Interview

Structured Code Reviews

This series talks about how to increase the collective code quality in your team by introducing a code review process and making use of the code quality tools available to your team in Visual Studio 2012.

Part 1 – Structured Code Reviews and Code Quality

Part 2 – Unit Test Coverage, Code Metrics, and Static Code Analysis

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