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A Gentle Introduction to Speaking in Public by Stephen Haunts



Don’t let Public Speaking Anxiety or Fear get the Better of You

Public speaking, whether it is for a company presentation or in front of a large public audience, can be a frightening experience, but with proper planning and practicing you can reduce the amount of anxiety you will experience.

I started speaking in public three years ago to help promote my video training business, and like most people, I was terrified, but the more I did it, and the more I prepared, the easier it becomes. In this book, I have I written down all the tips and tricks that I have learned on my journey from novice to a professional speaker where I have traveled the world speaking at large tech conferences.

In this book, you will learn…

  • How to create engaging presentations
  • How to best prepare for giving a talk
  • How to deliver a great talk

Stephen provides details on the things such as how to prepare, different presentation styles to choose from, right down to how to engage with the audience on a meaningful level, and even the speaker’s inward state of being.

Literally everything a beginner needs in order to confidently face public speaking – and some valuable nuggets thrown in for experienced speakers too.

I loved this book very much. Great source for beginners, really takes you through the steps in a way that’s easy to understand and manage you how to present yourself in front of large audience. Book complimented the course well. Highly recommendable.
A good book on how to speak in public. I have always been a touch shy on doing public speaking and wonder how I can improve it. This book offers much useful information on how to overcome public speaking shyness as you prepare better presentations.