Speaking at DDD North, A Free Community Software Development Conference

In this video, I talk about a trip I made to Bradford to speak at the DDD North community event. I also discuss the subject of speakers being paid for talking and why I am happy to talk at community events like DDD North at my own cost.

The talk I did at this event was my Scaling Agile with the Spotify Model talk. If you want to see a version of this talk, I have my recording from NDC Oslo this year.

Want to Quit Your Job? You Need an Income Strategy

So you are thinking about quitting your job and going solo? Before you do, you need a plan for where your income is going to come from. This should be split down into Active and Passive income.

For example, for Active income, this will be things like contracting, consulting, where you are exchanging your time for money. This is great, but once that time has been spent, you will not earn extra for it.

With Passive income, you will spend time producing work, such as an ebook or online course, and once it has been put live, you will earn income off of it from there onwards with no extra work.

Should You Quit Your Job?

I have made another video on my YouTube channel, and in this video, I ask the question, should you quit your job? Where I am going with this, is should you stick at a job that you don’t like, working for someone else, or should you try and pursue your passions. Pursuing your passions is a great thing to do, but you need to be prepared and do some planning, especially financial planning.

In this video I go through my personal story, and talk a bit about the financial planning I did prior to making this move. I also introduce the idea of Active vs Passive income which I will explore in more detail in another video.

I’ve Started a YouTube Channel – HELP US ALL!!

I recently quit my job to go it alone, which is both exciting and terrifying. I want to document this journey and also share lots of other information. Normally I would do that on this blog, but writing and editing posts frequently takes a lot of time and I am struggling to do it. Recording a short video and editing it takes no time at all, so I am experimenting with this new medium. I have put up my first video which is an intro video to the channel. It feels very off seeing your self on the screen, but I will just have to get used to it.

I want to make this channel useful and not just a diary so I will be discussing lots of topics around software development, leadership, working from home, passive income and other things that I find interesting. I also want to do some interviews with people that work for themselves too to get their insights.

If you are interested in listening, then please hit the youtube subscribe button to follow along.

Even though this is the first proper video, it was actually loads of fun to do. I filmed it on my new iPhone 8plus because the front-facing camera shoots in full 1080p HD video, which means I get a higher resolution and I can see what I am doing on the screen which makes this much easier. Sadly this means my bigger camera which also shoots nice video, is a little redundant. oops.

iPhone 8Plus filming with the front-facing camera.
iPhone 8Plus filming with the front-facing camera.

The quality of the video on the iPhone 8Plus is excellent. The video I recorded today was on a fairly dull day so the light wasn’t amazing, but the video looked bright and the sound was excellent. The only adjustments I had to do was run a little noise reduction over the audio, but that was it, apart from cutting out a few duff lines. The rest is pretty much raw from the camera phone.

A Gentle Introduction to Agile Software Development

I have recently been working on a series of new books with the intention of self-publishing them. The first of those books called A Gentle Introduction to Agile Software Development is now out on Amazon as an e-book and a paperback.

Agile Software Development: A Gentle Introduction to Agile Software Development (Agile, Agile Software Development, Software Development, Scrum, Extreme ... XP, Waterfall, Lean, Lean Software)
A Gentle Introduction to Agile Software Development by Stephen Haunts

I have a whole series of these books to release over the next 6 months. They have been great fun to write. I have released the Kindle book at a very low introductory price at the moment. If you buy the book at this rate, I would be very grateful for a good review on Amazon.

Here are some links for Amazon UK and the UK.

Kindle: Amazon UK

Paperback: Amazon UK

Kindle: Amazon US

Paperback: Amazon US

Here is the book description:

Learning new software development processes can be difficult, but switching to Agile doesn’t need to be complicated. Explore the theories behind Agile Software Development, and learn how to make it work for you.

In a Gentle Introduction to Agile Software Development, author Stephen Haunts will guide you to a fuller understanding of Agile, Scrum, and Extreme Programming. You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages, and how to get the most out of it.

  • Introduction
  • Waterfall Development and its Problems
  • What is Agile?
  • Common Agile Misconceptions and Mistakes
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Scrum
  • Closing Summary

Speaking at NDC Sydney

It’s taken me a while to catch up with some posts on this blog, but back in August, I had the amazing opportunity to fly to Sydney in Australia to speak at NDC Sydney. I feel very fortunate to be offered this opportunity as I have never been to Australia before.

This is is also the longest I have ever flown before too. The trip took 2 flight to get there. First was a 9-hour flight to Abu Dhabi, and then 14 hours to Sydney. To make this even more challenging, I had a 10-hour layover in Abu Dhabi overnight. Instead of just hanging around doing nothing, I decided to pay to use the business class lounge. This meant I could get some decent food, have a shower and use the business centre there to get some work done. To help me adjust to the Australian time difference, I forced my self to stay awake and work. So I got a lot of coding for LadderPay done. I thought this would be very challenging to do, but actually, I got through it fine. Then on the 2nd flight, I had a few whiskeys and some sleeping tablets which meant I got a reasonable 6 hours sleep. This meant that by the time I got to Sydney at 7.30am, I was actually feeling ok. That first day was tough, but once I had a good night sleep at the hotel I was adjusted, so no horrific jetlag for me…

Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney
Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney

After I arrived on Sunday and checked into the hotel, I met up with my sister (Charlotte) who is living in Sydney. By a bizarre twist of fate and timing, she was due to fly back to London that evening. So we spent the afternoon together before she had to go to the airport. I met Charlotte and her boyfriend at my hotel (Hilton) and we went for a really nice lunch at the Sydney Opera House restaurant followed by hitting a few bars. The weather was really sunny so had a really nice afternoon. After that, I went back to the hotel to rest a bit and then met up with Troy Hunt and a few others for dinner and drinks.

The next few days were spare for me as the conference didn’t start until Wednesday so I did a bit of sightseeing as well as working. On Monday I took a ferry to Manly Beach and spent the day walking around there and working from various coffee shops. I was very productive and got loads done.

Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney
Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney

The conference started Wednesday and I was booked to do 2 talks. The first was my cryptography in .NET talk, and the 2nd was my social engineering talk. Both talks went really well and rated very highly. For my social engineering talk, one of the people in the audience (Sammy Connelly) made an awesome infographic version of her notes (see picture below). She came and saw me at the end to give me the original copy. She likes to do these pictures and give them to the speakers as gifts. This was such a nice gesture and I was delighted to receive it. I am looking for a suitable frame so I can put it on my office wall.

Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney
Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney

Once the conference had finished on Friday, we went to the official afterparty called PubConf. I was speaking at pub conf. All the talks were supposed to be funny and done in front of a drunken rabble of developers. You get 20 slides and 15 seconds per slide. The slides increment automatically so you have no control over them. This is probably the hardest talk I have ever written, but it was so much fun and the audience seemed to like it. I did a talk called, How to lead like an utter bastard, and it got a lot of laughs. This was quite a boozy night, but luckily I had no commitments the following day.

Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney
Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney

I wasn’t due to fly back until Monday evening, so I had pretty much 3 days to myself to explore the city. On Saturday I went to Sydney and the Harbour taking photos. I also had booked to do the Sydney Bridge Climb, which was an amazing experience. It was very windy up there but very safe as you are in a climbing harness and attached to the bridge. The whole thing took 3 hours including getting kitted out and doing some training.

Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney
Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney

On Sunday, I took the ferry to Taronga Zoo which was about a 15-minute boat ride away. I had a really good time here. The weather was nice and they had lots of animals. My favourites were the Giraffes as they overlooked the Sydney Opera House. I deliberately didn’t do too much this weekend and just took in the sights.

Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney
Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney

On Monday, I didn’t fly until 9pm, so I decided to do the Sydney Opera House tour. The tour was amazing as we got to see all the main music venues. We even got to see the Sydney Orchestra rehearsing for a performance, and the sound inside the main opera house was amazing. After this, I got lunch again at the Opera House restaurant and then went to the Sydney Modern Art Gallery for a good look around. What was really cool as this was free entry, which is nice as everything in Sydney is really expensive.

Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney
Stephen Haunts at NDC Sydney

Overall this was an amazing experience. As always, NDC put on a fantastic conference and I feel very privileged to have spoken at one of their events again. I will definitely be submitting again next year, as I would love to go again. The flight back was hard work though. 24 hours on a plane with a couple of hours in Abu Dhabi. I was shattered by the time I got back to London as I struggled to sleep on the flight, but it only took me a few days to readjust before I met my Wife and Kids on holiday in north Wales where I got to properly recover.