Hacking Humans : A Talk About Social Engineering

Back in January I did a talk at NDC London about Social Engineering. This was a new talk and I very much enjoyed doing it to an almost full room. The conference organisers have now published all the videos from the conference. You can see this talk in the video below.

Here is the official talk description:

Social engineering is one of the biggest threats to our organisations as attackers use manipulation techniques to coerce people into revealing secrets about our companies to allow attackers to gain access to critical systems.
In this talk we will look at some of the techniques used in social engineering and look at how to guard yourself against them. We will cover subjects like pre-texting, elicitation and body language as techniques for manipulating people.


Speaking at NDC {London} 2017

Last week I had the pleasure if attending NDC {London} again as a speaker. The NDC conferences are such an amazing experience and they are run by the awesome people at programutvikling. This is my 2nd time speaking at NDC {London} and like last year where I spoke about Cryptography, I was keeping the security theme going by talking at Social Engineering and Human Hacking.  I was fortunate enough to spend the entire in London for this conference, which included the 2 workshop days before  the main conference.

The reason I wanted to attend the workshop days is because I would like to plan a workshop, so I wanted to sit in part of one to see how they are run. Troy Hunt was kind enough to let me sit in his Hack Yourself First Workshop. I learnt a lot here, not only about security, but the mechanics of running a workshop, including the introduction, pacing, slides, and style etc. This was very useful and I am now ready to plan a workshop of my own.

Stephen Haunts at NDC {London} 2017
Stephen Haunts at NDC {London} 2017

During the first 2 days in London I got to spend a little downtime walking around London with Lars Klint. This was quite relaxing as we caught a train to Tower Gateway and then walked from the Tower of London down the Southbank, through Trafalgar Square and around other parts of London. We easily did 18km that day. My feet were killing me, but was great fun. It was the first time Lars had been to these areas, and for me, I hadn’t walked around those parts of London since I was a kid.

Data Security talk at NDC Oslo

Back in June I was fortunate enough to be selected to speak at NDC Oslo in Norway. This is a huge developer conference and I was humbled to have been selected to speak. Below is a link to a recording of my talk on .NET Data Security and it is all about cryptography using .NET.

The talk was great fun and the audience seemed really receptive to what I was talking about which reflected in a great speaker score afterwards. This was by far the largest audience I have spoken too as the room was full with people standing at the back. Security is a very hot topic at the moment so this subject resonated with many developers.

Stephen Haunts Speaking at NDC Oslo
Stephen Haunts Speaking at NDC Oslo

As always at an NDC conference there were many great speakers on the bill, a good few I know from my work with Pluralsight, so it is always good to catch up with friends. The highlight of the trip, when not at the conference itself, was a shrimp cruise on the fjords. The weather was fantastic and sunny and we sailed until late in the evening. I had to not drink too much though as my talk was the next day first thing.

NDC Oslo From the Stage
NDC Oslo From the Stage

I am currently planning next years content so I really hope to make it back to both NDC London and NDC Oslo. They are such an amazing experience to attend as a speaker, and it is great to see other people speak to learn different delivery techniques.

NDC Oslo Work in Progress the Day Before it Started
NDC Oslo Work in Progress the Day Before it Started

Another highlight of the conference was being part of a .NET Rocks security show. This was a live panel show with myself, Troy Hunt and Niall Merrigan. The show was recorded as a video, but then edited down into an episode of the PodCast which you can listen too here.

DotNet Rocks live Security Panel Show at NDC Oslo
DotNet Rocks live Security Panel Show at NDC Oslo

We had a lot of fun doing this show, but it was hard work as many of us had started coming down with a throat bug which meant we were losing our voices. I had to go to a pharmacy before hand to get enough drugs to see me through the show. Within 2 hours of doing this show for DotNet Rocks I had pretty much lost my voice. By the time I had flown back to London I could not speak at all, which is interesting when trying to check into a hotel. I had no voice the the entire week after too which made things very difficult at work. I was mostly communicating with my team using Slack.

Speaking at DDDNorth

Stephen Haunts speaking at DDDNorth
Stephen Haunts speaking at DDDNorth

I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking at this years DDDNorth community conference about Lean Software Development. This is my first DDD event so I am looking forward to it. The conference is a free one day event that is being held at Leeds University on Saturday 1st October. Here is my talk description.

Lean software development (LSD) is a translation of lean manufacturing and lean IT principles and practices to the software development domain. Adapted from the Toyota Production System, a pro-lean subculture is emerging from within the Agile community

In this talk we will look at Lean Software Development and how it is a benefit to modern development.

We will start off quickly looking at Waterfall and Agile, and then look at the history of Lean and its origins at Ford and Toyota. From there we will show how leans applies to software with the following lean principles:

Eliminate Waste

Build Quality In

Create Knowledge

Defer Commitment

Deliver Fast

Respect People

Optimize the Whole

We will then answer the question Agile or Lean and then look at different software practices that will help support your use of lean including Kanban.

The talk would be aimed at software developers who are keen to apply lean to their software projects.


Techorama 2016 : A Cutting Edge Developer Conference

I have spent most of this week in Mechelen Belgium at a software development conference called Techorama. I was booked as a speaker to talk about developers going into management. It’s the first time I have presented this talk, but it is loosely based on my first Pluralsight¬†course called Developer to Manager.

Is being a manager right for me by Stephen Haunts at Techorama
Is being a manager right for me by Stephen Haunts at Techorama

The talk went very well and I had a decent sized audience which was nice and they seemed very engaged, so hopefully my talk helped them. The conference itself was very well run. The Techorama team, Gill, Pieter and Kevin have done a fantastic job of putting on this conference, and it is no mean feat to organise a conference.

Is Being a Manager Right for Me – Techorama Talk

I have just delivered a talk at the Belgium software development conference Techorama. My talk was called Is Being a Manager Right for Me. This talk is a shortened version of my First Pluralsight course called Developer to Manager.

If you want a copy of the slides, they can be found here.

Is being a manager right for me by Stephen Haunts at Techorama
Is being a manager right for me by Stephen Haunts at Techorama

The purpose of the talk is to help developer decide if being a manager s right for them. The talk sets out to set their expectations by talking about career paths, the difference between management and leadership and many core skills that a manager or leader needs.

The talk went very well and I had a good sized audience. I will do a fuller write up of the conference when I am back from the conference.