Is being a manager right for me by Stephen Haunts at Techorama
Is being a manager right for me by Stephen Haunts at Techorama

Who Am I

My name is Stephen Haunts and I am a software developer and software leader based in the United Kingdom. I currently work for a large Healthcare Retailer as a Software Development Manager, leading an internal team of developers.

I have been married since 2004 to Amanda. As well as putting up with me, we have 2 great children; Amy, who is 6 and Daniel who is 3.

As well as software development, I am an avid musician and I run a small electronic music label and sound design company called Haunted House Records. For the geeks among us, I developed the site myself. It is a custom Content Management System developed in C# using ASP.NET MVC.

I also develop on-line training courses for the Pluralsight professional educational company.

Derbyshire DotNet User Group
Derbyshire DotNet User Group

Since July 2015 I have also become a co-organiser of a local .NET user group based here in Derby in the UK. The user group is called Derbyshire DotNET

My Career to Date

I have been writing software ever since I first got my hands on my Dad’s computer back in the 1980’s. This computer was the Dragon 32, and this is where I first got interesting in writing software and hacking around with computers.

Me as a Child with the Family Dragon 32 Computer
Me as a Child with the Family Dragon 32 Computer

I started out my career working in the Computer Games industry. I nearly had my own company writing games for the Commodore Amiga computer, but I got caught in the whirlwind of Commodore going out of business, which was a great shame as this was a fantastic set of machines.

From there I worked for companies like Argonaut Software, Core Design, Criterion Software, Electronic Arts, and Full Fat Productions. Then I moved into Financial Services and now retail. My very diverse career to-date helps give me a different perspective on solving problems in the enterprise, as games development means you have to work at a completely different level of abstraction.

Programmer Definition
Programmer Definition

My currently development environment of choice is the .NET Framework and the C# Language.

This Blog

This blog is about software development, enterprise architecture , leadership and everything in-between. Although I now spend most of my time leading teams of developers, I am still a passionate software developer who writes code. I will always be interested in software development, it is who I am. My continued interest in writing software and architecting systems helps me with leading my teams as I can see things from their point of view. This means I am not just a manager who tells people what to do. I can properly lead, understand,  motivate and inspire other developers to perform their best.


Stephen Haunts; LinkedIn

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