Side Hustle Success Podcast Episode 1 : Pilot

Here is our pilot to the Side Hustle Success Podcast where me and my co-host Kevin Taylor talk about our businesses, how we got started and what it felt like to finally quit our jobs. This is the YouTube version, but you can also listen on iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn Radio, as well as at our dedicated website.

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Show Notes

The Side Hustle Success Podcast is a show for anyone who has a product or business idea and wants to go full-time with it eventually. Or maybe you have already and want some inspiration. This show is about product design, entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors, free agents, digital nomads and anything in between. If you have a thirst for workplace freedom and want out of the 9 to 5, then this is the podcast for you.

In this pilot episode, Steve and Kevin will introduce themselves and their businesses and discuss what it felt like to finally quit their day jobs.

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If you want to read the show transcript as opposed to listen, then the full transcript is below.

Ultra Small Mobile Writing Rig

For my job, I tend to travel a lot to conferences. When I am away I like to get as much work done as I can, but sometimes it isn’t really appropriate to get my laptop out, for example on a smaller airplane, train or in a restaurant; but in those times I like to get some work done like answering emails or drafting blog posts. To make these times more efficient, I have developed my little wiring rig that uses my phone, a copy of the Ulysses Writing App and the excellent Microsoft Universal Folding Keyboard which allows me to be productive, yet more discreet or in smaller spaces when traveling.

Mobile Writing Rig using the Ulysses Writing App and the Microsoft Universal Folding Keyboard.

The keyboard itself is very thin, even when folded which means it takes up hardly any space when packed in my laptop bag. It’s not the best typing experience as it takes a little getting used too, but it is indeed very workable. You can pair the keyboard with Windows, Android and Apple IOS devices which gives you a lot of flexibility. I pair it with an iPhone and an iPad. I don’t usually take the Apple Keyboard with me for the iPad when I travel as it makes the device quite thick in my bag, so I think this is a better solution for occasional typing; this setup has helped me remain productive when using a laptop isn’t easy to do.

My New Podcast : Side Hustle Success Podcast

After lots of planning, preparing and recording I am pleased to announce the launch of my new podcast, along with my co-host Kevin Taylor, called the Side Hustle Success Podcast.

The Side Hustle Success Podcast by Stephen Haunts and Kevin Taylor

This podcast is aimed at anyone who has had an idea for a product that they have been working on part-time while working for someone else and has dreams and ambitions to make it their full-time job. The show is about product designs, innovations, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, digital nomads and anything in between.

I strongly feel that me and my co-host Kevin complement each other well on the show because we have different skill sets and run different kinds of businesses. I am from a software development and security background who now produces training courses and books. Kevin, on the other hand, is not a software developer, but he runs a small Software as a Service company called Steel Beam Calculator that is aimed at the construction industry.

In this first pilot episode, Me and Kevin will introduce ourselves and discuss our businesses and how we got started. I am sure you will find lots of interesting information here. We have designed the Side Hustle Success Podcast to be a segment show, split into the following segments:

  • Host update and follow up
  • Audience questions
  • Main topic or interview
  • Host picks for the week

This show is available in all the usual places that you can get podcasts including iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn Radio. I have also put a version onto YouTube if you prefer to listen to the show from there. At the moment we are going to release the show every two weeks. If it takes off, then we may move to weekly, but for now, every two weeks feels right.

We have big plans for the show, including some fantastic interviews with some inspiring people who have struck out to create their businesses.

I hope you will join us on this journey and tune in to listen. If you listen on iTunes, we would be very grateful if you could rate us and also leave any constructive comments. If you listen on YouTube, then please subscribe to my channel and enable notifications with the bell icon so you will be notified when new shows appear.

A Gentle Introduction to GDPR – Resolving Compliance Challenges in Business

May 25th was a day that went down in privacy history as the new European GDPR regulations came into force for everyone in Europe and any company in another country that does business with European companies or citizens.

A Gentle Introduction to GDPR -  Resolving Compliance Challenges in Business

Companies have spent years trying to make sure they are going to comply, but now that date has passed, it doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels; GDPR is something that needs constant attention and understanding for people working in organizations that deal with peoples personal data.

In my latest book, A Gentle Introduction to GDPR –  Resolving Compliance Challenges in Business, I had the aim to try and make the GDPR regulations easily understandable for ordinary people by cutting through a lot of the legal jargon. By the time you finish this short guide, you will have an excellent understanding of what GDPR is and how it applies to companies and individuals. Regulations should not be feared, and you can reduce this fear and uncertainty by fulling understanding them.

A Gentle Introduction to GDPR is available both as a Kindle eBook and as a paperback directly from Amazon. Don’t let the GDPR regulations confuse you; let me help guide you through the jargon.

Available from

A Gentle Introduction to Social Engineering Attack and Prevention

I have recently released my latest book called A Gentle Introduction to Social Engineering Attack and Prevention as an eBook and paperback on Amazon. There will be an audio book version coming soon on Amazon, Auduble and iTunes.

In this book, I explore what social engineering is, and take the reader through the basic framework to launch an attack against someone including Information gathering, Pretexting, Elicitation, and Manipulation. Once I have taken the reader through these steps, I then talk about different ways to protect yourself and your companies so that you don’t become a victim of Social Engineering.

A Gentle Introduction to Social Engineering Attack and Prevention

This book is aimed at anyone who works in a professional environment from office workers through to high-level executives. Everyone can potentially be a target as criminals will target multiple people in an organization, so this book will help you be prepared to recognise the signs.

Removing Mental Roadblocks from Your Work

If you found this useful, then you might also like my book on overcoming procrastination called, A Gentle Introduction to Beating Procrastination and Getting Focused, which is available as an eBook and paperback on Amazon.

Being creative in the workplace is not rocket science; it’s an achievable feat. Creativity in the workplace does more good to you than harm. It helps you make progressive flows in your work, enhances outputs and brings fulfillment to your work.  As profitable as creativity in workplaces is, some forces will readily prevent you from being creative in your work. These forces are called mental roadblocks.

Removing mental roadblocks from  your work
Removing mental roadblocks from your work

Mental roadblocks make it impossible for you to explore your creativity to the fullest, thereby hindering your optimum performance at the workplace. They also hinder your brain from making the right-thinking connections necessary for creativity. For you to have increased productivity through creativity, you have to deal with mental roadblocks. Dealing with mental roadblocks goes beyond the daily performance of routine tasks. In squarely dealing with mental roadblocks, you must face both the external and internal aspects of productive creativity. If you neglect the internal aspects in pursuits of the external aspects, you stay in the same spot of non-performance for a very long time. Productive creativity entails you deal with the internal issues – the mental roadblocks.

We shall travel this journey of dealing with mental roadblocks that hamper your productivity and creativity at work. When you deal with these mental roadblocks, nothing will ever slow you down from putting in your all and getting the best in your workplace.